7620 Dixie Highway Lower Level
Florence, Ky. 41042
Office 859-746-0215
Fax 859-746-9177
Cell 859-630-3224
Email Susan@BoschTaxServices.com     

Office Hours for the 2016 Tax Season
January 19-April 15, 2016
Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
Extended hours  Wednesdays 4pm-7pm
All other times are available by appointment.
The office will be closed February 15 and Cincinnati Reds Opening Day (scheduled for April 4).

Please call, email or text to schedule an appointment or to discuss your questions or concerns.

Bosch Tax Services strives to make your tax preparation process trouble-free and pleasant.  In order to ensure the best service, it is important that you be aware of information required to prepare your tax return.

  • The following information is necessary for preparation of your tax documents:
    • Your phone number(s) and the best time to reach you at any number.
    • Previous 2 years tax returns (not necessary if prepared by Bosch Tax Services).
    • Your current mailing address (if you were a part year resident of another state please list the dates you resided in each state).
    • Name, date of birth and social security number for all individuals on the return, including dependents, if applicable.  The name, date of birth and social security number must match those issued by the Social Security Administration. 
    • Your occupation and, if applicable, your spouse’s occupation.
    • Any dependent care or college expenses for your dependents, if applicable (including documentation for those expenses). Child care facilities must provide their EIN and universities must provide a 1098-T, generally available on the school's website.
    • The method you would like to receive your completed return (mailed to you or picked up at our office).
    • Your email address (optional but helpful).
    • Your health insurance coverage status per the Affordable Care Act.
  • Additional information is required if filing:

      Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)


  • Medical expenses _____________   Medical Mileage____________
  • State or local tax refunds for 2013 ______________
  • Vehicle taxes (Ky. residence only) _____________
  • All other information for your Schedule A included in your tax documents should be issued from the appropriate institution (mortgage interest statements, property taxes, charitable contribution statements, etc.).

     Schedule D (Sale of Stock):

  • The cost basis must be included on the statement issued by the company or provided by you to the tax adviser.
  • Date & amount of estimated taxes paid to federal or state government, if any.

Please include any additional information you think will be helpful to your tax adviser.

Your return will be prepared as quickly as possible.  To ensure accuracy and avoid an amendment all returns/efile forms must be reviewed and signed by the tax payer(s) prior to filing.  If a return must be amended, an additional fee may be charged.

  • Getting your tax information to Bosch Tax Services

Please feel free to mail in your tax information, drop off your tax information during office hours or use the mail slot located in the upstairs door of the building after office hours, or call to schedule an appointment. 

Should you opt to mail in or drop off your tax documents, your completed tax return can either be picked up or mailed to you (shipping costs may apply).

Mail in process: Gather all your tax documents, information listed in the proceeding paragraphs and send to:  
                     Bosch Tax Services                            
7620 Dixie Highway Lower Level
Florence, KY 41042

Drop off process: Gather all your tax documents, information listed in the proceeding paragraphs and deliver to the same address above.

If you are dropping your information during Bosch Tax Services office hours, please deliver to the lower level.

If the tax office is closed, please deliver through the mail slot located in the upper level of the building.

Schedule an appointment: Call 859-746-0215, e-mail Susan@BoschTaxServices.com, or text/call 859-630-3224.

Following submission of your tax documents and information:

Await a call or email with either follow-up questions or notification that your return is complete and ready for your review.  Stop by during office hours, schedule a time to review your return with an adviser, or request that your return be sent to you (delivery fees may apply).  After reviewing your return, sign the e-file form and return it to your tax adviser. 

Your tax preparation fee must be paid prior to the filing of your returns.  We accept cash, check or credit card.  Due to the fees assessed by the credit card companies should you choose this option your tax preparation fee will be increased by 3% to cover this cost. 

I'm pleased to announce that tax preparation fees are the same as last tax season.

Direct deposits for e-filed returns are deposited within approximately 3 weeks, paper checks arrive 6-8 weeks after IRS and state approval.  To check on your refund please visit www.irs.gov and select “where is my refund”.

Together we will make this tax season a happy one!

As a final note, all tax returns must be e-filed (per IRS Paperwork Reduction Act-IRC section 6109).  

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